708 First Avenue

Reclamation Environmental
June 2003 through January 2004
Value of work performed: $650,000

708 First AvenueWe undertook site remediation of a former Con Edison power plant after the plant was decommissioned, demolished, and removed.  The site is next to the FDR Drive Service Road.   Our role was to clean up the contamination in the ground. 

We constructed a 10,000 sq. ft. bentonite slurry wall around the perimeter of the entire site.  Steel sheeting was driven within the slurry wall to create a steel sheet pile cofferdam.  This formed a barrier that is impervious to groundwater flow.  All of the contaminated material was then excavated, and the site was backfilled with sand.

Contaminants at the site included VOC’s such as acetone and other solvents as well as PAHS such as benzene.  This was a joint venture with Moretrench American Corp.

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