Bush Terminal Piers 1-4

Marine Projects
May 2009 through August 2011
Value of work performed: $20,436,726

Bush TerminalEIC Associates converted four collapsed piers and their upland common area into a stable platform to be used for the creation of a new park for the NYC Economic Development Corporation.

The essential elements of the project were the capping of a landfill, removal of the remnants of the four piers, stabilization of the new shoreline, and construction of various infrastructure items for the future park. The shoreline stabilization involved several steps in a process that required placement of layers of 2 ½” to 3 ½ ft. diameter stone boulders within the tidal zone. Capping the landfill was done with excavated material from the site that met strict environmental criteria. The work also included new utilities, such as a sanitary sewer, water piping, a gas venting and storm drains. Final landscaping allowed the area to return to a usable city asset.

Finally, A Park Grows in Brooklyn's Last Industrial Pocket


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