LaGuardia Airport – Pile-Supported Deck Structure Extension - Safety Enhancements

Marine Projects
July 2014 through September 2015
Value of work performed: $49,645,000

General Description:

The extension of two pile-supported structures built over Flushing Bay that extended two active runways.  240 piles are being driven (120 per runway) to support pre-stressed, post-tensioned concrete deck structure.  The structural system consists of concrete-filled steel pipe piles, and precast concrete pile caps supporting precast pre-stressed concrete girders, precast deck panels, and a cast-in-place (CIP) topping slab.  This structural system was used for its cost effectiveness, reduced construction time, and high quality control.

Technical Description:

To install this structure, EIC Associates enlisted the team from Mueser-Rutledge Design Engineers to merge the existing runway with the new runway extension while keeping the facility in operation.  Project goals that have to be met include the following:

  • Performing nightly work operations between 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM during standard airport night closures and restoring all work areas by 6:00 AM when the airport reopened.
  • Performing above-deck pile installation by conventional means during weekend runway closures on one of the two runways and restoring all work areas by Noon on Sunday for aircraft operations was also required.
  • Working adjacent to an active runway with strict equipment clearances governed by the FAA.

Specialized barges, cranes, and temporary falsework were developed by EIC for organized Phasing.  Each phase includes the installation  of Eighteen (18) 24” diameter steel pipe piles per phase, followed by 9 precast piles caps (approximately 30-50 tons each), and 78 precast planks.  Once the precast is installed and post-tensioned, electrical conduit is installed, rebar is placed, and a cast-in-place deck is poured.

Project Images

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