Pier 35 - Eco Park Superstructure

Marine Projects
July 2012 through October 2012
Value of work performed: $1,900,000

The signature water feature located at the North end of the East River Walkway on Pier 35 adjacent to South Street will serve as an iconic model to attract aquatic life and promote mussel growth. This partially submerged marine based project was obtained from our client NYCEDC. This project consisted of transporting 31 architectural precast blocks ranging from 9 tons to 53 tons via a marine barge and to be installed using a marine platform. Along with the architectural precast blocks EIC Associates also placed 250 CY of concrete and 42,000 pounds of rebar to build architectural planters, decks, slabs, walls and bridge seats. Majority of the work performed was marine based and had to be approached by being aware of the changing tides.  


  • Precast Block Fabrication (Offsite) – 6 Months
  • Delivery and Installation – 2 Weeks
  • CIP Concrete Perimeter Work – 3 Months


The project was featured in a New York Times article:  http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/07/27/city-rolls-out-a-rocky-welcome-mat-for-mussels/

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