Springfield Gardens - Phase 2, 147th Ave. & Springfield Lane, Queens, NY

Utility Projects
March 2013 through June 2015
Value of work performed: $51,369,948

There were two components: utilities and wet lands mediation. EIC Associates installed 13,500 feet of sewers including box culvers on and pipe on CFA and timber piles, 11,600 ft. of water mains, 76 manholes and other structures, 148,000 square feet of sidewalks , 4 miles of curbs, 600 trees, and 44,000 square yards of asphalt paving.

A wetland area was created by excavating and disposing of 82,000 tons of contaminated material the planting over 90,000 plants and seeding acres with wetlands grasses. The wetland area was previously urban fill and used for automotive recycling. EIC used the area to collect dredge spoils from the lake dredged under this project, then excavated it to build the wetland.

Project Reference: 

Jawad Assaf, NYC EDC

(212) 312-3715

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